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Corrected entry: Blanche's story about when her husband died changes through out the series. At one point, she said he was in a coma and she was getting a pedicure when he was died. And then she told a story about how she tripped over one of his shoes when she got the call that he was in a car accident and had been killed.


Correction: In the episode where Blanche talks about tripping over one of his shoes, it turns out that the entire episode was a dream. It's possible that she was getting a pedicure in real life.

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Corrected entry: Dorothy is always talking about as being a substitute teacher. Even in the episode where she meets up with a former student, he states that he met her when "they brought in Attila the Sub." In spite of all of the reminiscing that happens in the show, there's never any mention of Dorothy ever being a full time teacher. There is, however, mention of Dorothy going to school to become a teacher. I've never known of anyone becoming a certified teacher, and then spending their entire career as a substitute teacher. Every substitute teacher I ever had was either a volunteer from the community or a retired teacher.


Correction: You are assuming that there were teaching jobs available in her area. My aunt has her teaching degree, but since there are no jobs for full time teaching jobs, she just subs.


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Corrected entry: Many times Sophia makes references to her past in Sicily. Some of these references are real stories, others are historical references. She talks about Mussolini and Hitler with WWII several times. During the forties, Sophia was in the United States, raising her children (Dorothy was born in the late twenties to late thirties), as stated in previous episodes, she left Sicily for America in 1922.

Correction: Often times, Sophia says things just to be funny. In one episode, she tells the girls that she was once on a game show with Mussolini and that the game's lightning round used "real lightning". This is a story she made up. Now, throughout the series, she does display a fear of Nazis and owned Italian World War II warbonds. It's only logical that she would fear Nazis because she had family members still living in Sicily even though she had moved to America. And she bought the warbonds to show support for her family back in Sicily.

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Corrected entry: The number of children Stan has changes in every episode.

Correction: No it doesn't. Stan and Dorothy have 2 kids - Michael and Kate. I've never heard either of them say different.

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Corrected entry: In one episode, Sophia finds an old list of things that she wanted to accomplish in her life, one of these things being to lose 200 pounds. In another episode, Sophia was trying to gain 1 pound because she weighed 99 pounds instead of 100 pounds, and she had said that she always weighed 100 pounds, that her weight has never changed.

Correction: Sophia said she never weighed more than 99 pounds in her ADULT life. Very important to show that she may very well have been over 200lbs earlier.

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