Dead Like Me

Death Defying - S2-E10

Other mistake: When Rube is searching the hard-copy (paper) archives, the young man with him opens the last box and pulls out an old "Wanted" poster with Rube's face on it. He tells Rube "This guy looks just like you." Since season 1, episode 1, we've known that Grim Reapers don't look like they did when they were alive (i.e., Millie/Un-George). Yet somehow, Rube has not changed since his life/death.

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Forget Me Not - S2-E12

Other mistake: When Mason is punching the air and Nina imitates him the chair wiggles with the motion of her body but since she is dead she would pass through it.

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Vacation - S1-E13

Other mistake: In the copy room, George, after she speaks with Daisy in voice over, says "its 3am", but the clock on the wall behind Crystal shows 12:35 when George talks to Crystal.

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