Dead Like Me
Movie Quote Quiz

Daisy Adair: If Romeo had just masturbated a couple of times a week he would have saved both those nice families a heap of trouble.

Daisy Adair: You know, George, you have your very own saint.
George: I'd rather have a pony.

George: If I had to choose between being a heart or a brain I'd definitely choose a heart because at least you'd do something. If you're a brain, at the end of the day all you're really at is settling for shitty situations.

Mason: Rube is so old, he probably reaped Jesus.

George: Who do I have to kill to get some attention around here.

George: Hi, Lydia. You've temped for them before. There's a dress code and your skirt needs to actually cover your ass... I don't care where your tattoo is, you cannot show crack at the office.

George: I can't believe I just said "dilly dally." I feel dirty.

George: Death is kind of like sex in high school. If you knew how many times you missed having it, you'd be paralyzed.

Roxy: I'm going to put this politely as possible. I will fuck you up.

George: Don't you want to at one with nature and your fellow workers? Nope, can't. Bed-wetter.

George: Life sucks, and then you die. And then it still sucks.

George: What's the point in keeping your head down if it's already been blown off?

Mason: But am I pretty?
Rube: Oh, you're darling. You make my heart flutter.

George: That's very Zen of you, you must smoke pot.

Roxy: Nice Cross. How'd you get the blood off?
Daisy Adair: Oh easy, soap and water.

George: Get the F out. Before I kick your F-in' A again.

Mason: I'm so smart i'm practically retarded.

George: Since I just got promoted, I just thought you two should know - I take my coffee with a little milk, two sugars and a lot less of your bullshit.

George: I don't know exactly what makes people cross over. I mean, souls. I think they see light where others cannot. I think they see a chance to become something else. Someone else.

Dolores Herbig: Who has been making grilled cheese sandwiches with the defibrillator paddles?

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