X-Ray - S1-E4

Corrected entry: Lana says the theme of her mother's prom was Saturday Night Fever, but she was in the class of 1977 and the movie didn't come out until December of that year.

Correction: So? People often know about movies many months before they come out.

X-Ray - S1-E4

Corrected entry: Clark's x-ray vision reveals that the cemetery is rather oddly set up. There are a dozen headstones visible but only four buried coffins, and three of them don't line up with any headstone. Two of the coffins contain complete skeletons, but the other two are either empty or lead. While the occupants could have decomposed entirely, they are directly next to the younger corpses; usually cemeteries fill in one area and then proceed to another, segregating graves by age. (00:39:45)


Correction: Cemetaries SELL plots a section at the time, but they don't fill them till the people that buy them actually get around to dying so you will frequently have series of graves belonging to the same family that only have one or two graves "occupied" but may have headstones (with no death date) for some or all of the empty ones.

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