Full House

Full House (1987)

2 mistakes in Claire and Present Danger

Claire and Present Danger - S8-E8

Plot hole: When Danny tells Michelle to change out of her punk get-up, Michelle does, and she comes back shortly after with her hair arranged perfectly in a nice half ponytail. However, in her previous scene, she had used hairspray to make her hair all frizzy and going every which way, so it's physically impossible that she got it to be completely straight and clean again, unless she went home and washed it.

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Claire and Present Danger - S8-E8

Visible crew/equipment: During the close ups of Michelle as she listens to Gia and Stephanie discussing how great it would be to be sisters, you can see what appears to be a camera on the right hand side of the screen.


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Suggested correction: Comet is sitting next to Michelle - that is what you are seeing.




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