Full House

Michelle a la Cart - S7-E20

Trivia: In the back of the living room there is a large mannequin that always wears the same clothes as Joey is wearing.

Love on the Rocks - S7-E19

Trivia: Prior to filming this episode, Jodie Sweetin broke her arm. There wasn't enough time to re-write the script to explain her injury so for this episode she was dressed in an oversized long-sleeved shirt to hide her cast. It wasn't until the following episode that her cast was revealed and the injury explained.

Jeff Swanson

Breaking Away - S8-E2

Trivia: Michelle's condescending treatment of Stephanie's best pal Gia is like a re-creation of the way Stephanie always talked to DJ's best friend Kimmy.


Season 4 generally

Trivia: Jaleel White's guest appearances this season as Steve Urkel created a gaping plot hole in the second episode of Step by Step: in that episode, White also guest starred as Urkel, and interacted with the show's characters. But Step by Step treats Full House as a fictional television series; thus, Urkel couldn't have appeared as a "real" person, because he was a character on a "fictional" show.

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Trivia: Jodie Sweetin didn't have to audition for the role of Stephanie. Jeff Franklin decided to cast her after seeing her in a guest appearance on the show Valerie (a.k.a. The Hogan Family).


Trivia: Stephanie's catchphrase "How rude" was just meant to be a throwaway line. Jodie Sweetin's reading of it lead to it becoming a permanent fixture in the show.


Our Very First Promo - S1-E12

Trivia: In this season, you can see DJ, Gibler, and Stephanie having a conversation in the garage. Before the renovation, Stephanie expressed her concern about there being a monster in the garage. However, in the episode before this, they renovated the garage and turned it into Joey's room. The episodes were aired out of order, hence the discontinuity, but it's not strictly a "mistake", more just an indication that this episode is clearly set earlier in the season.

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Suggested correction: The episodes were simply aired out of the order in which they were produced.


In the "world" of the show, however, this is a mistake. The garage can't be renovated in one episode, then be the former garage in the next episode. The rules of this site note that behind-the-scenes explanations are not valid corrections.

No. The correction is valid. It's not a "behind the scene" explanation. The show's continuity remains constant if you watch the episodes in the order they were produced. A network's decision to air them out of order is not the fault of the show. This would be like if you had a book on CD where each track is a chapter but you played the CD on shuffle and then blamed the book for its continuity issues.


I can see both sides of it in terms of it being a "mistake", but it's such a grey area that stuff like this is rarely worth a debate. It's such a blatant discontinuity that it's a byproduct of the episodes being shuffled, making this more of a "prequel" rather than it being a mistake. A bit like errors in subtitles, it comes down to what strictly counts as a mistake in the show vs. A problem arising after the fact, whether someone's "at fault" or similar. I'll refile this as trivia.

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Trivia: Jodie Sweetin revealed on the Pod Meets World podcast that she has never watched this show, besides maybe seeing one episode at some point.


Just One of the Guys - S1-E18

Character mistake: In the scene where Steve is changing the diaper on the toy, DJ asks if he would like to go ice skating tomorrow. When he says he can't she then says "well we can go tomorrow." (00:11:43)

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D.J.: Cathy Santoni is a complete bimbo. She signed up for Shop Class cause she thought it was taught at the mall.

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Chosen answer: There are 4. The big room that DJ and Stephanie used with the big bay window. Next to that (closer to the main/front staircase) was the father's room (rarely seen). Across the hall were the rooms used Uncle Jesse (in the beginning of the show) and Michelle's baby room.


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