Full House

Full House (1987)

Episode list

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Show generally 6
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Our Very First Show 4
2 Our Very First Night 2
3 The First Day of School 0
4 The Return of Grandma 1
5 Sea Cruise 3
6 Daddy's Home 2
7 Knock Yourself Out 0
8 Jesse's Girl 0
9 The Miracle of Thanksgiving 0
10 Joey's Place 1
11 The Big Three-O 2
12 Our Very First Promo 1
13 Sister Love 1
14 Half A Love Story 1
15 A Pox in Our House 0
16 But Seriously Folks 0
17 Danny's Very First Date 0
18 Just One of the Guys 2

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In episode 10 (Joey's Place) the Tanner family move Joey into the garage, redecorating it so the entire place is filled with Joey's furniture, but in episode 12 (Our Very First Promo), it shows the characters in and out of the garage which is completely empty and back the way it was before Joey moved in. Later in the episode Joey's stuff is out of the alcove again.



In Disney Land, D.J. thinks that many different Disney characters are Steve, including Aladdin, a character that Scott Weinger, the actor who played Steve, voiced.