Smart Guy
Movie Quote Quiz

Floyd: You can be the smartest man in the world - and for all I know, you are - but you will never understand women.

TJ Henderson: I'll try to be more sensitive to the fact that you're dumber than me.
Marcus: That's all I ask.

Yvette: Dad! You promised you weren't gonna come down here and binge on cake anymore.
Floyd: You want some some?
Yvette: Yeah.
Floyd: Grab a spoon.

Mr. Basil Militich: T.J. You're not in elementry school anymore. You're in highschool. You've got to learn some self-control.
TJ Henderson: Yeah but I have so many ideas in my head that they just come flowing out.
Mr. Basil Militich: Yes I know.

Yvette: I answered the phone. I'm sick I need help.

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