CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Big Middle - S5-E16

Continuity mistake: Season 5 Episode 16 "Big Middle" Sara Sidle marks a triangle on a bed sheet around evidence and then proceeds to cut along the inside of the triangle lines in order to remove the evidence from the sheet. In the next shot, Sara is shown removing the cut out from the sheet, which now has been cut along the outside of the triangle lines.

Big Middle - S5-E16

Continuity mistake: The board behind the oddsmaker keeps changing. At the beginning, he has crossed out the odds on the game between Miami and Memphis from 5 to 7 1/2 to 10 1/2. When Brass comes in, the board is only showing 5. It then changes every time it switches from Brass to the oddsmaker- it will show the 5 crossed out and then not crossed out the next time. Finally in the final shot, it shows the board without the 1/2 after the 10. (00:17:15)


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