CSI: Miami

Slaughterhouse - S1-E8

Corrected entry: It's stated late in the show that the toddler has blood on her "from all the family members" - but the eldest brother grabbed her up and ran with her after she was standing in her mother's blood and while the father was killing brother 2 (computer and headset). She seems to wander back into the living room and acquire blood from the eldest brother, the infant (who is under brother 1 - this is weird too) and Dad, but I don't recall a scene where she goes into the room of brother 2. Can we assume that she wandered into brother 2's room at some point before leaving by the front door and there just wasn't time to write in a line and a shot to this effect, or did she in fact not carry blood from brother 2 away on her excursion and is the statement "all the family members" incorrect.

Correction: Brother 2 was shot in the back at very close range by his father, using a shotgun. The father would have been covered with the son's blood, as well as his own. When the toddler wandered back into the house from the back yard, where brother 1 took her for safety, she would have had ample opportunity to come in contact with the blood. As has been established repeatedly on the show, the lab needs only a tiny sample of blood to identify who it came from via its DNA. Therefore, the statement that she had blood on her "from all the family members" should be taken at face value.

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