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Corrected entry: Characters often use the terms "dude" and "awesome" in their informal contexts; neither of these terms was part of the mainstream American vernacular until the early/mid 1980s.


Correction: The term "Dude" has been around for over a century, and the modern definition has been around since the 1960's. The word "Awesome" has also been around since the late 60's. So there is no error with anyone using the two terms.


No, Dude and Awesome weren't common slag until the 80s until films like Valley Girl and Fast Times at Ridgemont High became popular. It doesn't matter how hold the words are. Kids in Wisconsin didn't use them. They said groovy not awesome and Jack and man not dude.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning of the episode where Bob and Red are competing with their Veteran's Day barbeques, Red is seen wearing the uniform of a Chief Boatswains Mate (BMC). However in a later episode where Kitty and Red are trying to remember how they met, in a flashback, Red is seen wearing the uniform of a Machinist Mate 2nd Class (MM2). Surely he advanced in rank, but I doubt he changed rates (jobs).

Correction: Changing ratings would not be unheard of especially in war time - Red may have started as a machinist mate but could certainly have used on-the-job training to switch to a boatswain's mate. He does indicate that he piloted patrol boats during the war. Generally a MM wouldn't do that but a BM might.

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Corrected entry: The weather is never depicted correctly for Wisconsin. Mostly, there's never enough (or any) snow in the January/February/March episodes.


Correction: While there is never a LOT of snow on the ground, house, cars, etc., there are numerous times that there is snow on the driveway and the yard. The days that we see in the show are just those days without a lot of snow. Not really a mistake, just a choice of the writers.

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Corrected entry: In the Episode "A New Hope" Fez states that, "My country never got in a war." But in the episode "That '70s Musical," Fez says, "We won the war, buddy."

Correction: Fez was talking to his British principal (in "That '70s Musical") thus meaning the American revolution. In "A new Hope" he means his native country.

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Corrected entry: Jacky says that green M&M's make you boring, even though that colour of M&M wasn't made until 1998.

Correction: Yeah, that would be the blue M&M that was created in 1998. Not the green, which has been around for longer, say, since 1960. But it was taken out in 1976 due to the food coloring and brought back in 1987 according to this website:


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