Fry and the Slurm Factory - S2-E4

Trivia: In the Slurm ad, there's a condition for the competition which fills the screen and is written in Alienese. It says "the following species are ineligible: Space wasps, Space beavers, any other species with the word space in front, space chickens and the elusive yak-face."

Space Pilot 3000 - S1-E1

Trivia: If you watch closely, after Fry is leaning on the chair just after the countdown to ten reaches zero and he loses his balance, they cut to a close-up of the chair's legs falling over. You can see Nibbler's shadow cast on the wall in front of him. This was however retroactively added to the first season DVD. In the original airing of the pilot on TV Nibbler's shadow was not present.

Jurassic Bark - S5-E2

Trivia: The episode's downbeat ending, with Seymour waiting outsize the Pizza restaurant, mirrors the story of a Japanese dog called Hachiko, who spent 10 years waiting on a train station for his master who died at work and never returned. Page on Hachiko.

Spanish Fry - S5-E12

Trivia: When Lrr and Nd-Nd are dining at the park, trying to get in "the mood", Lrr gets very agitated at his wife. He jumps up and screams to her "One of these days, Nd-Nd, bang. Zoom. Straight to the third moon of Omicron Persei 8." This is a spin-off from the 50s TV show The Honeymooners, in which one of the characters says almost the exact same thing to his wife, Alice.

My Three Suns - S1-E7

Trivia: One of the pictures on Bender's sash is that of Homer Simpson (of another famous Matt Groening cartoon).


Fry and the Slurm Factory - S2-E4

Trivia: Glurmo's original name was "Slurmy Slonka".


Mars University - S2-E2

Trivia: On the audio commentary, it says that Dean Vernon was named after John Vernon from Animal House .


Put Your Head on My Shoulder - S2-E10

Trivia: In this episode, when Fry and Amy are on Mercury, the only petrol station is called Hg's Gas. Hg is, of course, the elemental symbol for Mercury on the periodic table.

That's Lobstertainment! - S3-E8

Trivia: Harold Zoid's name is a nod to the famous silent movie star, Harold Lloyd.

Anthology of Interest 2 - S4-E3

Trivia: On the DVD commentary, David Cohens mentions that Matt Groening's favourite line in the entire show is 'You watched it, you can't unwatch it. Stay tuned for more Tales Of Interest' spoken by Maurice La Marche as the narrator for this episode. Groening confirms this himself.

Fry and the Slurm Factory - S2-E4

Trivia: When the professor is playing 3-D scrabble, his letters appear to spell "futurama"


Trivia: The show's title was taken from one of the main exhibits at the 1939 New York World's Fair.

Jurassic Bark - S5-E2

Trivia: When Fry goes to the freezing place and discovers that he was sent on a hoax, he puts the pizza on the table, Nibblers eye pops out from the bin (it is revealed that Nibbler pushes Fry into the freezing unit).

Episode Two: The Series Has Landed - S1-E2

Trivia: When Amy is trying to get the keys out of the claw machine the games in the background have names like "Gender-Neutral Pac-Person" and "Mortal Kooperation(sic)"

Brannigan Begin Again - S2-E6

Trivia: One of the pieces in Bender and Fry's chess game at the beginning of the episode is Lurr of the Planet Omicron Persei 8.

Xmas Story - S2-E8

Trivia: When Fry is in the pet shop looking for a present for Leela, the one eared rabbit in the cage, is a character from Matt Groening's first comic strip, Life in Hell.

When Aliens Attack - S2-E3

Trivia: Omicron Persei is actually a real star 1000 light years away from earth.

A Tale of Two Santas - S4-E2

Trivia: In the elves' workshop, Leela turns the controls up to the highest speed. This is a reference to a classic episode of I Love Lucy, where Lucy works in a chocolate factory, and the candies come out on the conveyor belt much too fast for her to wrap.


I, Roommate - S1-E3

Trivia: The title of this episode ("I, Roommate") is a parody of one of Isaac Asimov's books, entitled "I, Robot."

Episode Two: The Series Has Landed - S1-E2

Trivia: The creators were well into the late animation stage when they realized that the original moon lander had left the moon. They then added the plaque in the background that says "Returned by the historical sticklers society".