A Farewell to Arms - S7-E2

Continuity mistake: When everyone is being scanned by the machine that determines who stays on Earth and who gets evacuated, the machine approves Amy, saying that they were in the same sorority and they do a "Sigma Beta" dance. In the first episode, Amy says that her sorority is Kappa Kappa Wong. (00:10:30)

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Saturday Morning Fun Pit - S7-E19

Continuity mistake: Hermes begins to tie the thing around his neck. One half of the cloth is around his neck whilst the other half is on his shirt collar. He ties it and the half of the cloth around his shirt collar has gone to his neck despite never touching it. (00:06:35)

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Saturday Morning Fun Pit - S7-E19

Continuity mistake: Both times the Globetrotter turns the cloning machine on, after the shot goes to a wide view, the knob is pointed to the OFF position, but the machine works anyway.

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Zapp Dingbat - S7-E5

Continuity mistake: When Turanga Munda walks down the aisle to marry Zapp Brannigan one of her tentacles changes color for a brief period. (00:16:00)


Leela and the Genestalk - S7-E22

Continuity mistake: When Leela's parents call Fry on her "wrist thingie", we see it has clamps on the back that go like "up down up down" but in the middle of the sequence they change to "up down down up". (00:12:50)


Saturday Morning Fun Pit - S7-E19

Continuity mistake: When the first Larry Bird clone is created, he is standing next to the cloning machine. When the rest of the clones are made, the first clone is no longer there. (00:05:15)

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Saturday Morning Fun Pit - S7-E19

Continuity mistake: When the first Larry Bird clone finishes his line, one of his arms is raised. The next shot shows, both arms are by his side. (00:05:15)

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Saturday Morning Fun Pit - S7-E19

Continuity mistake: The five arrive at the theater. When Fry says "Search me, no don't. I'm carrying", there is no-one next to Fry on the left for a good foot and a half. In the next shot, Amy has appeared about a half foot next to him. (00:02:25)

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Naturama - S7-E13

Continuity mistake: Early in the swim to the ocean, salmon Scruffy is eaten by Zoidberg. Later, during the the swim back to the stream, Scruffy is seen with the group, just behind Leela and Fry.


Stench and Stenchibility - S7-E25

Continuity mistake: As Bender sits down in the audience, he's putting duct tape on his leg to repair it. As he tap dances on the dead girl, it's suddenly complete with no tape.

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Rebirth - S6-E1

Continuity mistake: As the power builds up in Bender, his left eye pops out, making him a cyclops, subsequently being eaten by the Cyclops eater. After the monster dies, Bender comes out, and has two eyes in the long shot, but puts his left eye back in the close up.

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