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The Sting - S5-E9

Corrected entry: In "Space Pilot 3000", when the Professor gave Leela, Fry and Bender the old crew's career chips, they were in an envelope with "Contents of Space Wasps Stomach" written on it. However, in this episode, it is shown they were killed while trying to take honey from Honey Bees. Wasps (Polistes species) and Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) are two totally different species.


Correction: Yes, but Space Wasps (Polistes astra) obviously prey on Space Bees (Apis vonbraunia) and while eating a fresh kill they ingested the chips. Glad we cleared that up. (Neither species exists. The rules don't apply..).

The Sting - S5-E9

Corrected entry: In "Space Pilot 3000", the professor has his old crew's career chips in an envelope. However, in this episode, the old Planet Express ship is still in the hive. A) How would the professor know that they had dies so soon and B)How would he get the chips back?


Correction: The chips in the envelope belong to a third crew. The label on the envelope refers to the contents of the stomach of a 'space wasp', and the crashed ship we see is in a hive of bees. There are obviously other crashed Planet Express ships and dead crews out there. As to how the Professor got the chips out of the space wasp.

The Sting - S5-E9

Corrected entry: When Leela first squeezes the toy Fry leaves her, you can see that eye that pops out is blue. Later on (when she breaks it) the eye has changed to red.

David Mercier

Correction: Remember, most of this episode is actually a dream that was created by Leela while she was in a coma. Things changing around suddenly is quite common.

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