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Bendless Love - S3-E6

Corrected entry: Bender takes everyone to Elzar's to tell them about Angleyne, the new love of his life, and he finishes his description of her by telling them that she is very lucky to be going out with a handsome and talented robot. "She sure is!" says Fry. "Look!" - and he points out Angleyne, sitting at a table with Flexo. How did Fry know that was her? They haven't met before - Bender is treating them to dinner to tell them about her. She and Flexo are not the only robots in the restaurant, and Bender has not yet described her appearance. Fry must be psychic.

Correction: Actually, you can see befo they are in the restaurant that Bender and Angleyne are racing Fry and Professor Farnsworth, Fry riding the professor as a bicycle. So Fry HAS met her before.

Bendless Love - S3-E6

Corrected entry: When the episode shows how Professor Farnsworth had the table attached to the wall, how is Leela able to stay on it? It was very clear that she wasn't tied down like everyone else was.

Correction: While you can't see the rope that ties Leela to the chair like everyone else, if you watch she unties herself right before she falls into a pile with everyone.

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