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2 corrected entries in The Happiness Patrol

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The Happiness Patrol - S25-E2

Corrected entry: Why does the Patrol shoot Silas P? They know who he is, so shooting him makes no sense.

Correction: Quite simply they don't like him much, this is shown by the fact that the patrol leader refers to him by name, also he was unhappy when the patrol turned up therefore in breach of the law.

The Happiness Patrol - S25-E2

Corrected entry: Why does the Doctor need to ask the forum doorman whether Ace is performing tonight, when he's standing right next to a big poster of her with "Tonight at the Forum" emblazoned right across the top?

Correction: Because people DO ask questions like this, especially if they're not paying attention. I work for an online retailer whose "Free Shipping on orders over $49" offer is on every screen of our website, and I still take 10 calls a day from people asking "How do I get the free shipping?"

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