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The War Games - S6-E7

Visible crew/equipment: While The Doctor and Zoe are on the SIDRAT, The Doctor expresses hope to get the hang of its controls. When the SIDRAT materializes, in the shot facing the door as The Doctor pokes his head out to exit, the camera turns toward the right and there's a reflection of the moving camera and the camera operator walking behind the camera, at the right side of the screen. (00:08:25)

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The War Games - S6-E7

Plot hole: Despite being asked to memorise all the locations and war zone commanders, Zoe's photographic memory lets her down: her first words to the Mexican leader are 'Who are you?'.

The War Games - S6-E7

Plot hole: The map of the "War Zones" where the Aliens are conducting their War Games can be seen several times in this story. The map is visibly divided into 11 zones. Yet, during this story, the "War Zones" visited or referred to total THIRTEEN.

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The War Games - S6-E7

Revealing mistake: Episode 6, while in the barn Von Weich asks Moor (played by David Troughton, son of Patrick, who plays The Doctor) to retrieve the monocle in his pocket. Then, when Von Weich continues with his plan, in his closeups we can see a vertical piece of mesh tape over the actor's right eye. (00:13:05)

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The Chase - S2-E8

Trivia: Such was the popularity of Doctor Who in Britain in the mid-1960s that even the Beatles wanted to make an appearance in the show. So a scene was written into "The Chase" to allow them to appear. The idea had been devised of including a scene on the Time and Space Visualiser depicting a Beatles fiftieth-anniversary concert in 2015, with the Fab Four dressed up as old men. John, Paul, George, and Ringo themselves were interested in the proposition, but it was vetoed by their manager, Brian Epstein. It was then thought that an appearance by the Beatles on Top of the Pops might be used instead, but no such footage was available. Fortunately, the Beatles were scheduled to perform "Ticket to Ride" at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith on April 10th, 1965, and that footage was used instead.

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Answer: TARDISes are generally available for properly authorised use on Gallifrey; they're not usually assigned to a particular Timelord on a long-term basis. The Doctor stole his when he left his homeworld.

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