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What I Meant To Say - S3-E3

Mr. Williams: I'm here to teach you to find the truth in the media. Because there is a difference between what they say, and what is real.
Mr. Turner: That was very good. Watch this: Hunter, what did he just say?
Shawn: Something about Israel.

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What I Meant To Say - S3-E3

Mr. Turner: Man, I'm sorry, Eli. I still think you would've made a great teacher though, man.
Mr. Williams: Why? I mean, I have nothing to say to kids. I don't even understand kids.
Mr. Turner: But you know how to communicate, man, and you know how to do it honestly.
Mr. Williams: And that's what got me fired from producing the 6 o'clock news. I'm trying to show people what's really going on with slumlords in Philadelphia, and the station manager is saying "Well, let's see more of that woman that walks to work naked."

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Pop Quiz - S2-E20

Continuity mistake: When Cory and Shawn are on Cory's bed they throw a ball out the window. When the camera comes back on them you can see that ball on Eric's bed. But just a second later the ball is gone.

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Answer: That was what I hope was only a phase of the way things were in California at that time. Many kids who had parents who liked to be modern and be friends more than parents to their kids had them call them by their first names.


Answer: This was part of Topanga's weird phase. She specifically mentions in one episode that addressing her father as "Dad" would make it hard to tell him apart from the other dads in the world.

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