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Frasier picture

Frasier: Niles, I would shave my head for you.
Niles: A gesture which becomes less significant with each passing year.

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The X-Files picture

The Post-Modern Prometheus - S5-E5

[After spilling coffee on his lap.]
Mulder: Great, now my crotch will be up all night.

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Animaniacs picture

Man: Do you know who I am?
Yakko: Why? Did you forget?

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The Nanny picture

Niles: You know, the next time you give your clothes away, why don't you just stay in them?

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Boy Meets World picture

Me and Mr. Joad - S2-E4

Mr. Feeny: You know, you seem amused by this display of defiance, Mr. Turner.
Mr. Turner: Oh, I am, I gotta say. 'Cause if I had done to me what I did to them, then I'd have done the same thing to me that they did.
Mr. Feeny: Go to the board and diagram that sentence.

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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers picture

Day of the Dumpster - S1-E1

Alpha 5: Ai-yi-yi! What do we do?
Zordon: Teleport to us, five overbearing and overemotional humans.
Alpha 5: No! Not that! Not teenagers!
Zordon: That's correct, Alpha.
Alpha 5: I was afraid of that.

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NYPD Blue picture

A.D.A. Valerie Haywood: I've got a big problem.
Lt. Tony Rodriguez: Oh, that's third floor. We're small to medium problems down here.

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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman picture

Hank Lawson: I ain't stupid.
Olive Bray: Well, that's a matter of opinion.

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The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. picture

Lord Bowler: Uh oh. You hit the sheriff.
Brisco County Jr.: Yeah, but I did not hit the deputy.

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The Adventures of Pete & Pete picture

Younger Pete Wrigley: Hey, Blowhole, wherever you are, in forty-five minutes I'm going to be famous. And you know what you're going to be? A blowhole.

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Walker, Texas Ranger picture

A.D.A. Alex Cahill: How about a cruise for our honeymoon?
Ranger Cordell Walker: We've already done that.
A.D.A. Alex Cahill: That was a river raft.
Ranger Cordell Walker: Close enough.

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Beavis and Butt-Head picture

Bradley Buzzcut: Shut up or I will kill you. Do you understand? Shut up or I will physically kill you.

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Time Trax picture

Darien Lambert: Visual mode, Selma.

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Grace Under Fire picture

Grace Kelly: We don't worship Satan on Halloween. We do that on Mother's Day.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine picture

The Way of the Warrior (1) - S4-E1

Julian Bashir: They broke seven of your transverse ribs and fractured your clavicle!
Elim Garak: Ah, but I got off several cutting remarks which no doubt did serious damage to their egos.

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Goodnight Sweetheart picture

Gary Sparrow: My wives exist in different temporal aspects of a four-dimensional space-time continuum.
Ron Wheatcroft: Typical bigamist's excuse.

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Rocko's Modern Life picture

Crappy Jack the Sailor: I turned leeward in time to witness the full sail yardarm give way and came crashing down on my midshipman's hind quarters. He let out a scream that could be heard all the way down in Davy Jones' locker. Micky Dolenz's locker too, and Peter Tork's locker. All the Monkees had lockers.

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Cracker picture

Teacher: Please don't smoke sir, this is a school.
Fitz: That's where I started.

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Homicide: Life on the Street picture

Det. Frank Pembleton: Meldrick! In the mood for a multiple homicide?
Det. Meldrick Lewis: On a Friday night? Always.

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SeaQuest DSV picture

Lucas: It is the smartest way to lie - just tell the truth, except for the parts that really matter.

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