Boy Meets World

Brave New World (2) - S7-E23

Trivia: In the episode when Cory and Topanga are walking through the marriage dorms for the first time, a little boy walks through the hall and says "I see dead people". And in the very last episode the same boy plays Cory's little brother, Joshy.

Trivia: When Ben (Cory) and Danielle (Topanga) had to start kissing for the show, Ben made a habit of eating some strange stuff before doing those scenes. In a commentary, Danielle recounts Ben eating something along the lines of a hot dog with sauerkraut before they had to do a kissing scene.

And Then There Was Shawn - S5-E17

Trivia: Eric makes two references to South Park in this episode. When he first greets everyone in detention, he says "Hidee ho" in the same manner as Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo. Later after everyone discovers Kenny has been killed, he screams "Oh my gosh, they killed Kenny!"

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Trivia: During a panel at the 2021 FanX event in Salt Lake City, Will Friedle revealed that due to his unusual accent, several cast members mistakenly believed that William Daniels was English for the first few years they knew him. At the same panel, Daniels said he developed the accent from being around other stage performers when he was around 15 years old.

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Trivia: William Daniels accepted the role of Mr. Feeny on the condition that the character be treated with respect and dignity, as opposed to being a buffoonish foil for the main characters that was more common for teachers in sitcoms around the time.

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Trivia: Maitland Ward was cast in the role of Rachel McGuire without even having to audition.

Trivia: Topanga was named when the production staff called the show's creator Michael Jaobs and asked him for her name. He said "Topanga" since he was driving past Topanga Canyon at the time. (From Danielle Fishel's Maxim interview).

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Cory's Alternative Friends - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: Shawn claims his "sister, Stacey" uses the straightening stuff all the time. This is the only mention of her ever during the entire run of the show; and when Jack joins the show he is established as Shawn's only sibling.

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What I Meant To Say - S3-E3

Mr. Williams: I'm here to teach you to find the truth in the media. Because there is a difference between what they say, and what is real.
Mr. Turner: That was very good. Watch this: Hunter, what did he just say?
Shawn: Something about Israel.

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Show generally

Question: Topanga said in one episode that she has a weird middle name, did she ever say what it is?

Answer: Topanga's middle name is never specified. Considering her sister's name is Nebula Stop-the-war Lawrence, Topanga's is probably something equally unusual.

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