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Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf? - S2-E6

Trivia: This episode is loosely based on an incident from writer Jeff Menell's childhood, in which he was bitten by a dog and was worried something bad was going to happen to him.

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Trivia: Will Friedle used to think some of the audience members attending tapings were inmates, even writing about it in his journal.

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Trivia: Danny McNulty auditioned for the role of Harley Keiner seven times.

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Trivia: The show mentions that Harley Keiner has been held back in school. Danny McNulty, who played Harley, was held back two times growing up.

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Trivia: According to Adam Scott, during a season 2 wrap party, he witnessed Rider Strong hugging Ethan Suplee and Blake Soper. Scott then went over and hugged Strong, which caused Strong to aggressively shove Scott away and then take off in the other direction. Scott kept this to himself for nearly 30 years, finally revealing it during his appearance on the Pod Meets World podcast. Strong, Soper and Suplee have no recollection of the incident. The aforementioned individuals have speculated that either Suplee or Soper, who were known to be pranksters on-set, may have grabbed Strong's butt during the hug and caused him to think Scott did it.

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Trivia: Blake Soper and Ethan Suplee wrote and pitched a Catcher in the Rye-inspired script to producer Michael Jacobs. He told them they wouldn't buy the script, but offered them contracts to be regular cast members moving forward. They subsequently never heard from him nor appeared on the show again. Suplee admitted to having a drug problem at the time, and thinks that may have been the reason he didn't return.

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Trivia: Late professional wrestler Vader, who played a fictionalized version of himself and Frankie's father, once told Ethan Suplee about the time one of his eyes was popped out of its socket during a wrestling match, which he himself then popped back into place. Suplee said he thought Vader was just pulling his leg when telling him the story.

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Trivia: After earning money from his role in the show, Ethan Suplee took his dad on a vacation in the Caribbean. He encountered some children at the pool and was worried they would make fun of his weight. As it turned out, the kids approached him to talk about Boy Meets World. Suplee said he feels this was the first time in his life that his dad was proud of him.

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Brave New World (2) - S7-E23

Trivia: In the episode when Cory and Topanga are walking through the marriage dorms for the first time, a little boy walks through the hall and says "I see dead people". And in the very last episode the same boy plays Cory's little brother, Joshy.

Trivia: William Daniels plays the principal of John Adams High School. Daniels played John Adams in, among other projects, the Broadway musical 1776 and its 1972 film adaptation.

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Trivia: When Ben (Cory) and Danielle (Topanga) had to start kissing for the show, Ben made a habit of eating some strange stuff before doing those scenes. In a commentary, Danielle recounts Ben eating something along the lines of a hot dog with sauerkraut before they had to do a kissing scene.

And Then There Was Shawn - S5-E17

Trivia: Eric makes two references to South Park in this episode. When he first greets everyone in detention, he says "Hidee ho" in the same manner as Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo. Later after everyone discovers Kenny has been killed, he screams "Oh my gosh, they killed Kenny!"

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Trivia: During a panel at the 2021 FanX event in Salt Lake City, Will Friedle revealed that due to his unusual accent, several cast members mistakenly believed that William Daniels was English for the first few years they knew him. At the same panel, Daniels said he developed the accent from being around other stage performers when he was around 15 years old.

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Pop Quiz - S2-E20

Continuity mistake: When Cory and Shawn are on Cory's bed they throw a ball out the window. When the camera comes back on them you can see that ball on Eric's bed. But just a second later the ball is gone.

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Me and Mr. Joad - S2-E4

Mr. Feeny: You know, you seem amused by this display of defiance, Mr. Turner.
Mr. Turner: Oh, I am, I gotta say. 'Cause if I had done to me what I did to them, then I'd have done the same thing to me that they did.
Mr. Feeny: Go to the board and diagram that sentence.

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Answer: That was what I hope was only a phase of the way things were in California at that time. Many kids who had parents who liked to be modern and be friends more than parents to their kids had them call them by their first names.


Answer: This was part of Topanga's weird phase. She specifically mentions in one episode that addressing her father as "Dad" would make it hard to tell him apart from the other dads in the world.

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