Boy Meets World

Brave New World (2) - S7-E23

Trivia: In the episode when Cory and Topanga are walking through the marriage dorms for the first time, a little boy walks through the hall and says "I see dead people". And in the very last episode the same boy plays Cory's little brother, Joshy.

Rave On - S3-E8

Trivia: At the end of this Episode, Topanga screams at Frankie (Ethan Suplee) and calls him a mallrat. Ethan Suplee played a small role in the 1995 movie, Mallrats.

Trivia: William Daniels plays the principal of John Adams High School. Daniels played John Adams in, among other projects, the Broadway musical 1776 and its 1972 film adaptation.

Cubs Fan

Trivia: When Ben (Cory) and Danielle (Topanga) had to start kissing for the show, Ben made a habit of eating some strange stuff before doing those scenes. In a commentary, Danielle recounts Ben eating something along the lines of a hot dog with sauerkraut before they had to do a kissing scene.

Trivia: Danielle Fishel and Matthew Lawrence dated around the filming of season six. Fishel said they both kept the relationship quiet, as they didn't want it to be a big deal on the set.


Trivia: Danielle Fishel revealed in 2022 to an incredulous Rider Strong that she had a crush on him through the show's first two seasons.


Trivia: The friendship handshake between Cory and Shawn was created by Ben Savage and Rider Strong themselves. Strong said they created it as a handshake for their real-life friendship and didn't intend for it to end up on the show as well.


And Then There Was Shawn - S5-E17

Trivia: Eric makes two references to South Park in this episode. When he first greets everyone in detention, he says "Hidee ho" in the same manner as Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo. Later after everyone discovers Kenny has been killed, he screams "Oh my gosh, they killed Kenny!"


Janitor Dad - S4-E6

Trivia: Will Friedle's brother, Gary, attended the taping of this episode. Will looked over at his brother during the run-through of the scene, where Alan mentioned having a dream of a customer falling off a cliff to his death. He described his brother's face as "ashen." This was because one of Gary's best friends died in a climbing accident only weeks before.


Janitor Dad - S4-E6

Trivia: At the end of the episode, when Lonnie is punching Eric, Will Friedle had to ask Jennifer Campbell to pull her punches because he wasn't wearing any padding and ended up being covered in bruises by the third day of filming.


Trivia: Larisa Oleynik, who had three guest appearances on this show, originally auditioned for the role of Topanga. When she didn't receive it, she said she sat in her mom's car, shoveling ice cream into her mouth and exclaiming that her career was over.


Show generally

Continuity mistake: The age gap between Eric and Cory decreases as the series progresses. At the start of the show, Cory is in 6th grade and Eric is a high school sophomore, meaning they are four years apart, give or take a few months. By season 3, Cory is in 9th grade (confirmed by dialogue mentioning that Shawn, who is in the same grade as Cory, is 15 years old), and Eric is a senior, leading to an age gap of three years. The first episode of season 4 takes place a couple months after the end of season 3, with Eric and Cory returning from a summer Road Trip, but just two episodes later, Cory mentions that he is in 11th grade, while Eric is still barely out of high school, leading to an age gap of two years.


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Me and Mr. Joad - S2-E4

Mr. Feeny: You know, you seem amused by this display of defiance, Mr. Turner.
Mr. Turner: Oh, I am, I gotta say. 'Cause if I had done to me what I did to them, then I'd have done the same thing to me that they did.
Mr. Feeny: Go to the board and diagram that sentence.


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Boys II Mensa - S1-E6

Question: When Mr. Feeny is talking to Cory in the cafeteria about his score on the IQ test, Feeny is shown purchasing a coffee from the vending machine. Are there actual elementary schools in the United States with coffee vending machines where prepubescent students have the ability to purchase a beverage more suited for younger adults and older? This isn't the faculty cafeteria mind you, because it's the same cafeteria the students are shown occupying throughout the first season. Seems a little irresponsible on the school's part to give students access to coffee.


Chosen answer: In the present day, with the United States abiding by more stricter school health laws, for the most part this wouldn't be in school cafeterias as many cannot even have carbonated beverage machines now. However, in the 90s when the show takes place, it wasn't unheard of for there to be coffee machines in the cafeteria of small schools where the teachers eat with the students as we see them do often in the show. The idea being that the cafeteria was small enough so a teacher or hall monitor could catch a student before they could drink the coffee.

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