The Simpsons

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Season 2 generally

Easter egg: On Disc 3, select "Old Money." In the episode menu, press Down and Left to highlight Grandpa's fez. Press Enter for sketches of a gag featuring Grandpa and his fez.

Season 2 generally

Easter egg: In the Simpsons second series, insert Disc 3. Select the episode "Bart's Dog gets an F." Then go into Language select and you'll see Santa's Little Helper with a little picture. Click up then right, to highlight that picture. Hit enter, and you'll see a sketch of "The many heads of Bart."

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[The Simpsons are driving down a road as fast as possible.]
Homer: Dear God, it's Homer. If you really love me you'll save my life now.
[The gas needle immediately drops to empty and the car stops.]
Homer: D'oh.



This is a mistake for the introduction from seasons 2-20 (1991-2009). When Homer screams, he turns round. You see this in a wide shot. There are no boxes to the right of the door in the garage. However, two just appear out of thin air when he runs through the garage.



The Simpsons holds the record for most guest stars; it is also the only non-variety show to have had appearances from three former Beatles (Paul, George and Ringo).