Little Box of Horrors - S7-E18

Character mistake: Katya (as Nina) says that Pandora's Box is "a gift the gods gave to Prometheus." But the Box was given to Epimetheus, not Prometheus. Epimetheus ignored the warnings of Prometheus, his brother, and accepted Pandora herself, who bore a box, as a gift from the gods.


The Witch Is Back - S1-E9

Character mistake: In the attic, Melinda Warren is awed at how thick the Book of Shadows has gotten. But according to information from previous episodes, the Book was started after Melinda had died, so she wouldn't know how thick or not it was.

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Witchstock - S6-E11

Character mistake: Phoebe, who has moved to Hong Kong, tells Paige that she, Paige, was born in the Year of the Ox. But Paige was born in 1977, the Year of the Snake. 1973 was the Year of the Ox.


Chick Flick - S2-E18

Character mistake: After the horror movie characters were killed in the attic, the sisters hear the door bell ringing. When they get to the bottom of the stairs and start walking towards the front door, you can see the actor playing Billy smiling even though they're all supposed to be on edge.


A Witch in Time - S5-E8

Character mistake: When Miles is shot, the cops apparently don't think it's necessary to tend to him to see if he's okay.


Charmed and Dangerous - S4-E13

Character mistake: When Phoebe is describing to Cole the demon she saw in her premonition, she says on the good side of his face he had tribal markings, and Cole says, "Kinda like Belthazar," and Phoebe agrees. Belthazar has no markings like the ones on the demon's face.


Baby's First Demon - S5-E16

Character mistake: Paige goes undercover into the demonic market wearing a bright blue dress and blond wig, and none of the demons seem to notice she sticks out like a sore thumb.

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