Bombshells - S11-E6

Character mistake: At the end, after BJ has received his Bronze Star, Colonel Potter dismisses the formation with "At Ease. Dismissed." According to Drill and Ceremonies as I learned them, this is impossible. The only legal command from the at-ease position is "Attention."

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Suggested correction: While this is technically correct, I've had NCOs and officers call fallout or dismissed from at ease, parade rest, and rest all the time. This is in line with a unit that has as little military discipline as the 4077TH.

Bombshells - S11-E6

Character mistake: When the band is playing "Hooray for Hollywood", the conductor's beat pattern is backward: up-down instead of down-up.

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Henry Blake: All I know is what they taught me at command school. There are certain rules about a war, and rule number one is that young men die. And rule number two is that doctors can't change rule number one.



Season 4. Episode 1 "Welcome To Korea". At the end of the episode the new commanding officer, Colonel Sherman Potter, played by Harry Morgan is introduced. In Season 3 Episode 1 "The General Flipped at Dawn", Harry Morgan played Major General Bartford Hamilton Steele.