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Good-Bye Radar (Part 1) - S8-E4

Corrected entry: Hawkeye gives the nurse an order of one quarter gram of morphine (250mg) for a soldier. That dose if given by IV, which is almost always how drugs were dispensed in MASH units and specifically on that show, would almost certainly kill him. There is no way Hawkeye with his talent and expertise wouldn't make absolutely certain that he would have made clear it was to be given orally, and more relevant is he simply would not order morphine, "by the gram."

Correction: Hawkeye does not order one quarter GRAM of morphine but one quarter GRAIN, being 19.2 milligrams, which is a perfectly logical dosage: "5-20 mg every four hours as needed" according to some medical almanac I had lying around. Also, wikipedia states 200 mg as "the minimum lethal dose" unless a person is oversensitive and goes on to explain that persons with a high tolerance (especially addicts and regular users) can take up to 3000mg per day, so this mistake is wrong in more than one way, as it wouldn't "almost certainly kill him" either.

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Good-Bye Radar (Part 1) - S8-E4

Corrected entry: When talking to Klinger, Radar tells him that "Nobody helped me when I took this job." Yet later on, when Potter is among those complaining about Klinger, Mulcahy tells him about "a real Bozo" that had trouble with the simplest of tasks. And that Col. Blake took the guy under his wing, and helped him grow into the job.

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Correction: This error is taking the dialogue too literally. Radar isn't implying that nobody taught him, just that he had to work his way into the job himself, and without having anyone to fall back on if he dropped the ball. He is saying that Klinger should stop whining and make the effort, just like he had to back then.

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