The X-Files

Trust No 1 - S9-E6

Revealing mistake: When Agent Reyes drives up to Agent Dogget's parked car, he looks in his rearview mirror. Its background should be obviously a transparent windshield to which the mirror is fixed. However, when the camera shows the image seen in the rearview mirror, we see in the background something similar in appearance to a solid wall.


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Improbable - S9-E13

Revealing mistake: When Scully is examining the body of Vicky Louise Burdick, the dead woman moves her eyeballs.


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Trust No 1 - S9-E6

Revealing mistake: When Doggett visits Scully in Quantico and interrupts her pathology class, the cadaver left on the table blinks his eyes at least twice.


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[After spilling coffee on his lap.]
Mulder: Great, now my crotch will be up all night.



When Mulder and Scully enter the abandoned mine through a doorway, the viewer can see at right in the distance a number of people sitting on a wall, and one crouching in front of the wall with what looks like a dog. They are sitting still, but there is still movement there.



Scully's father and the man Mulder thought was his father were both named William. Mulder's actual father, Cancer Man, was played by William B Davis. Scully and Mulder's son was also named William.