The Alternate Side - S3-E11

Continuity mistake: While Kramer is explaining about being in the Woody Allen movie, George is in the background looking out the window trying to stop car alarms with his keys. Less then five seconds later, George ends up by Jerry's counter (without being seen) and has a can of Shasta in his hand.


The Alternate Side - S3-E11

Continuity mistake: While Kramer is on the phone with the guy who stole Jerry's car, a NY Mets hat is seen upside down on the behind George. When Kramer hands the phone back the hat is now right-side up and facing the camera.

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Elaine: The thing about George is, he's an idiot.



The tenant board member tells George that Mr. Eldrige in apartment 8C has decided he wants the new apartment. However, the new apartment in question has a 3-digit number - 808 I believe. This indicates that the building would not have single digit numbers and letters (Such as 5E, 8C, etc.) as part of its numbering system.



The voice of George Steinbrenner on the show is co-creator Larry David.