Star Trek: The Next Generation

Darmok - S5-E2

Corrected entry: Phaser fire is seen coming out of the forward photon torpedo launcher in this episode.

Correction: Actually, the Phaser fire comes from just above the Torpedo launcher. This actually makes sense. The bottom hull of the ship is known as the Battle Section. When the ship seperates, the Saucer becomes the "Lifeboat", carrying the familes and children out of harm's way. Undoubtedly, Phasers are placed everywhere possible on the Battle Section, since without the huge power drain from the Saucer Section the Battle Section would be able to field large numbers of Phaser Projectors.

Darmok - S5-E2

Corrected entry: When 'the entity' hits Picard, it swings its arm high, and Picard flies back as such. However, Picard is hurt across the lower chest in the next shot. Also, it's only a flesh wound which doesn't make sense because the monster was hitting to kill.

Correction: As to the second, Captain Dathon did not die in one blow. The entity appeared to have straddled him and pummeled him severely about the head and neck. It took him some time to die.


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