Day 2: 5:00 A.M.-6:00 A.M. - S2-E22

Corrected entry: In season 2, episode 22 (5:00-6:00 am), Kim drops the phone in order to shoot Matheson, then she picks it up again. Then Jack tells Kim to shoot him again, so she drops the phone first, shoots him, and when she picks the phone up for the second time it is upside down. Kim was talking in to the earpiece.

Correction: Kate just killed a man for the first time, she's not going to worry about how she's holding the phone. It's still possible to hear/talk to someone with the phone upside down and she's too much in shock to realize it's upside down or to even care to fix it.

Correction: The MI6 offices that Jack calls are in Los Angeles, not in London. Jack goes to the office in person, and it's in downtown LA.

Correction: It's never said that she must work there for money. It could very well be related to one of her classes, or maybe she just likes it enough that that's how she wants to spend her free time.


Day 5: 12:00 P.M.-1:00 P.M. - S5-E6

Corrected entry: Season Five, 6th episode. When Audrey is named Jack's contact person there is a shot of her where she isn't wearing glasses. There is a brief shot of Buchannan and McGill leaving the room and then another shot of Audrey. All of a sudden she is wearing glasses. She could not have gotten them out and put them on in the very short shot of the two men leaving the room.

Correction: Audrey picks up her glasses with her right hand as they are leaving. Look carefully.

Day 7: 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM - S7-E23

Corrected entry: When Tony's henchmen isolate the pathogen from Jack's spinal fluid, the head scientist says the viral load is higher than hoped for, explicitly stating for the first time that the pathogen is a virus. This is in contrast to everyone else referring to it as a prion up till this point.


Correction: They may have very well believed it to be a prion up to this point. making there previose statments valid. no error.

Day 7: 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM - S7-E23

Corrected entry: The head scientist tells Tony that the only sure way to destroy the pathogen is to expose it to temperatures around 500 degrees celsius. Surgical and lab equipment are sterilized at 120 degrees celsius under the (legitimate) assumption that nothing survives this temperature. Prions and viruses, both mostly protein, would have fallen apart by this temperature.


Correction: This is your assumption that it can't survive at 120 degrees. It may very well be able to. Mutations occure all the time.

Day 5: 8:00 A.M.-9:00 A.M. - S5-E2

Corrected entry: Not only does Edgar knows Chloe's high-level access code - he says it aloud to Spencer. And to top it all off, you can read this code on the screen - without any asterisks . (00:21:55)

Correction: The code was to access a server file - it wasnt chloes private password - since edgar had hgh enough clearence, he would know the code too.


Correction: It *does* show his scars - that's why they zoom in on his hand in the first place.

Day 2: 7:00 A.M.-8:00 A.M. - S2-E24

Corrected entry: Jack is not able to shoot Kingsley himself as he has no bullets left in the gun. But Kingsley doesn't know this so why on earth does he simply keep walking at a snails pace while Jack picks up what could be a loaded gun? Even when Jack aims it at him he doesn't think it might be a good idea to move. This is simple logic and goes way beyond a character mistake.

Correction: It isn't apparent to Kingsley that Jack is reaching for the gun as he doesn't even know it's there. He is a fair distance away and to him it just looks like weakened Jack is simply trying to crawl away. As soon as Jack raises the gun into view, it is a fraction of a second before he pulls the trigger. Kingsley DOES NOT have the amount of reaction time the wording of this mistake implies.

Correction: Who said Jack was suppose to be naked? It seems to me his tormentors took off his shirt and pants to expose some skin so they can inflict damage to them. Nowhere is there a code of ethics that says a torturer has to strip his victim totally naked.


Day 4: 5:00 A.M.-6:00 A.M. - S4-E23

Corrected entry: When Mandy is talking to Tony in the apartment she says that two years ago he risked Michelle's life (in season 3). Three years seperated seasons 2 & 3 making this five years since season 2. However when Aaron is talking to the president in the next episode he mentions the attack on his life took place four years ago.

Correction: The season timeline is NOT wrong. Aaron said "four and a half years ago". The time difference between season 3 & 4 is 18 months, Series 3 takes place in september, placing Series 4 in march two years later.

5:00 A.M.-6:00 A.M. - S1-E6

Corrected entry: When Gaines is calling Jack, he uses a headset. Jack wants to talk with Kimberly, Gains holds the micro in front of Kimberley's mouth, but he didn't give her the earpiece. How could she be able to hear Jacks question if she is fine?


Correction: The earpiece is very close, apparently close enough for her to hear the question.


7:00 A.M.-8:00 A.M. - S1-E8

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jack Bauer is at the medical station giving the gun to the photographer, as the photographer leaves, Jack pulls a gun and holds it to the photographer's head. He cocks the gun manually, but when going to decock it, instead of pressing the decock lever, he pulls the trigger and eases the hammer down. A gun expert such as Jack would know about the decock lever, and not make that mistake.

Correction: He achieved his goal and it's pure speculation about whether he did it in the 'correct' way or not.


Correction: Walt was separated from his wife when he met Audrey at the River Hotel. He was still legally married to Suzanne.

Cubs Fan

Day 2: 3:00 A.M.-4:00 A.M. - S2-E20

Corrected entry: In series one, there is a scene where Jack is changing his shirt in his office, there are some very visible Japanese symbol style tattoos on his biceps. In series two, when we next see Jack's bare arms (when he is being tortured) the tattoos are no longer there.


Correction: I haven't seen the episode where you believe that tattoos have disappeared, but I do recall the tattoos. All the tattoos visible on Jack in any episode of 24 are Kiefer Sutherland's actual tattoos so they will be there from one season to the next. Even the tattoo Jack has in season three (identical to Hector's) is an actual tattoo Kiefer has. He had it done for the show because he wanted it to look consistant.

1:00 A.M.-2:00 A.M. - S1-E2

Corrected entry: On the roof Walsh guesses that he and Jack are surrounded by two shooters at least - but they are standing upright at the edge of the roof for seconds. Shouldn't they duck for cover? (00:20:25)

Correction: Walsh was referring to inside the building. They met on the roof because it would be safe because the "two" shooters were inside. So they didn't need to worry about ducking for cover; until they stepped back in that is.

This mistake is valid as they don't know for certain there isn't a shooter outside.


Season 3 generally

Corrected entry: In the first half of the season it takes only minutes to determine whether or not someone is infected with the virus. When Michelle is at the hotel it takes three hours.

Correction: They were checking only a couple people on the spot. At the hotel they were checking hundreds of people and had to send the material away to a lab. Travel time accounts for a lot of the extra time.

Nick N.

Season 3 generally

Corrected entry: Chloe tells Kim that she's known and worked with Chase for three years, and we know from Chase's history that at least the past 12 months were at CTU. Now if Chloe had worked there for a year wouldn't people know that she did not have a baby daughter?

Correction: She worked with Chase for 3 years at CTU Washington D.C. She didn't necessarily mean the past three years.

Nick N.

Show generally

Corrected entry: Season Five, episode 12: Chloe confirms that all rooms have been sealed off, yet in the following shot we see Henderson (and I think Tony as well) being rolled into their room which has yet to be sealed.

Correction: No, the rooms that were sealed off were the Situation Room, the Holding Cell (Where Lynn and the guard were), the room where Bill was, and CTU Medical. CTU Medical has several rooms, Tony being in one and Henderson in another.


Correction: They haven't called her, she figured it out on her own.

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Andre Drazen: If Plan A fails you go to Plan B, not Plan A recycled.

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Season 1 generally

Question: Was Nina recruited as a spy before she joined CTU or after? Also, as she wasn't working just for the Drazens, what was her primary mission?

Answer: According to Jack in season 5, Nina was "deep cover" before the pair ever met, so it's safe to assume she was recruited before she joined CTU. As for what her primary mission was, who knows? Perhaps it was to gather sensitive intel and pass it on to her superiors. Given that she worked for an intelligence agency, it's not a stretch. Or perhaps we may find out in season seven.

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