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Corrected entry: Season Five, episode 12: Chloe confirms that all rooms have been sealed off, yet in the following shot we see Henderson (and I think Tony as well) being rolled into their room which has yet to be sealed.

Correction: No, the rooms that were sealed off were the Situation Room, the Holding Cell (Where Lynn and the guard were), the room where Bill was, and CTU Medical. CTU Medical has several rooms, Tony being in one and Henderson in another.


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Corrected entry: Season 4 and Season 5 are set 18 months apart (a year and a half). It is summer in Season 4, which indicates it will be Winter in Season 5, but it is still the Summer.

Correction: The show takes place in Los Angeles. It is winter right now, and it's been very sunny during this time. We've only had rain two times this year, and it's been around 60ºF and above, up to almost 80ºF.

Jane Doe

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Corrected entry: When the series was shown on the U.K., all references that "events occur in real-time" were omitted, as the BBC does not have adverts during or between programs. The only exceptions are the first few episodes of series 1 (probably because no-one realised it wasn't accurate), and the first episode of series 2, shown without adverts in the US and hence a full real-time hour in both countries.


Correction: Not quite true. Although the first episode of season two in the USA was shown without commercial interruption, there were long Ford ads before AND after the episode and a promo for "John Doe" and scenes for the next episode making it 51:43. A shorter version shown in reruns is 43:56. See http://www.tv.com/24/day-2-800-a.m.-900-a.m./episode/161143/trivia.html

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Corrected entry: In the "1pm - 2pm" episode of Season Three, Jack and Chase arrive at the prison where Salazar is being held. Jack is scanned by security and his profile is displayed on a monitor indicating he has been cleared by security. The picture in the profile shows Jack wearing the exact same clothes that he has on now. The producers of the show probably took this picture while the episode was being filmed and used it as his profile.

Correction: It is probably just an unlikely if possible coincidence that he is wearing the same outfit when he is checked by security that he wore when his profile was updated. Most people don't discard their clothes after wearing them once.

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Corrected entry: In the episode in which the climax is the discovery of the woman's body in the boot of the car, you can see that Kim and her boyfriend have been lain down on the dust by the cop and Megan is leaning out of the car door crying, then we cut to the three second count door. Then at the very beginning of the next episode, supposedly three seconds after that layout, suddenly Kim and her boyfriend have been moved to two separate cars and the cop who had them at gunpoint is kneeling down talking to Megan, who has also jumped into a police car.

Correction: There is a three second count down at the end of every episode. However, the next episode (in this case, it starts at 3pm, I think) actually starts where the 24 logo flashes up on screen and continues past the "previously on 24" part. The part where Kim, Miguel and Megan are in the cop car is actually about 2 minutes into that episode... plenty of time to move around as shown.

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