Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Doppelgangland - S3-E16

Corrected entry: At first Anya supposedly has no knowledge of what happened during the events of 'The Wish', since she is as mystified as Cordelia to find her necklace gone. During 'Doppelgangland', however, she seems to know exactly what happened; she discusses it with D'Hoffryn and recognises Vampire Willow as soon as she sees her.


Correction: At the end of "The Wish," Anya is in a state of shock: she's suddenly lost her center of power, been transformed into a human, and jumped dimensions all in an instant. It takes her a few minutes to adjust, take stock, realize what has happened, and start panicking, all of which happens after she runs off following Cordelia and attempting to grant more wishes. No wonder she's disoriented.


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