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The One With The Blind Dates - S9-E14

Corrected entry: When Monica tells Chandler that she'll be ovulating until the sixth, he's crouching next to Emma, but then the shot cuts and he is standing up.

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Correction: You see him stand up. No mistake.

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The One With The Blind Dates - S9-E14

Corrected entry: In this episode Phoebe sets Rachel up with one of her massage clients, Steve, played by Jon Lovitz. He appeared a couple seasons earlier (The One With the Stoned Guy) as the same character and wrecked Monica's kitchen while Rachel waitressed. Rachel would've remembered who this guy was, why would she stay on the date as long as she had? She already knew he was a jerk.

Correction: She doubtless does remember him, but may not want to be so rude as to leave a date like that, or perhaps she just wanted to give him a second chance.


The One With The Blind Dates - S9-E14

Corrected entry: When Ross and Joey are discussing Joey fixing him up with someone, Ross is fixing a cup of coffee, a milk carton appears that wasn't there before and no one went to the refrigerator.


Correction: We very clearly see Ross walk towards the refrigerator, then we see him with a milk carton in one hand and closing the door with the other.


The One With The Blind Dates - S9-E14

Corrected entry: In the series nine episode with Joey and Phoebe's 'evil' plan, Rachel, after her disastrous date runs in to Central Perk in posh gloves and a very expensive coat. She sits talking to Ross, after taking off her coat, with her red leather gloves on. When she runs out with Ross, her gloves have come off.

Correction: Rachel actually takes her gloves off right after removing her coat. The shot is quite fleeting but it's there if you watch out for it.

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Joanna: What are you doing?
Chandler: I'm getting dressed.
Joanna: Why?
Chandler: Because when I go outside naked, people throw garbage at me.



When Rachel finds out that Ross and Julie are getting a cat, watch Rachel's neck. When she says "together?" she's not wearing a necklace; cut to Ross and Julie for a fraction of a second, then when it cuts back to Rachel saying "both of you?" she's suddenly wearing a necklace. It then disappears again when she says "isn't that just lovely?" hanging off the side of the tray she's holding.



Matthew Perry's wit is so legendary that the scriptwriters have often incorporated his gags into the show.