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Correction: The trunk of the grey car is open in both shots.


The mistake is correct. There were 3 shots of the car and you're referring to the last 2 shots where they were both open. The first shot of the car is after we see Anges watching through the window and the trunk is cracked open, but still down. The 2nd shot is after Anges says "run along dear", but everything else is still suppose to be frozen.


Okay, but they are not "frozen", they are watching. You can even see the woman move, so she is in the process of opening the trunk. So not a mistake regardless.


I submitted a mistake of her moving because they are meant to be frozen.


Who says they are supposed to be frozen?


I guess that would be a matter of debate. You do see the wind blowing the skirt of a woman, but other than that (and the slight moment of another girl), no-one is moving. It's one thing to say they're watching, but if they're not frozen, they're playing a great game of statue, and then they all start moving again at the same time.


Everyone else in the city of mind-controlled slaves is obviously characterized as being a little more than simply engrossed in their own curiosity; the hand movement of that woman is out of place and kinda the 'real' mistake IMHO, more like the extra adjusting her position than anything. If she opened the trunk deliberately while on camera, it would have undermined completely the tension of the scene.

Sammo Premium member

Please let's just stick to the facts. No endless debates, perhaps use the discord server for that. The fact of the matter is as soon as they come out of the house everybody around them stops what they are doing and starts watching, nobody "freezes" in the middle of an action. Their roles have probably temporarily been suspended because Wanda is otherwise occupied, but that doesn't mean they stop moving altogether.


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Ah, that makes sense - I first saw this one on Youtube, which at a guess was the first season or an early version? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPRdtO6UKD0. But yeah, this is exactly right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip1szfz9nZ8.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: I noticed that too and although I can't think of any sitcom starting like that it does remind me strongly of Bob Ross "The Joy of Painting" intro, which was from the 80's as well.


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