Avengers: Age of Ultron
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Continuity mistake: SPOILER - The wounds on Pietro's body change. The most noticeable one is on his right shoulder. The amount of blood decreases too.


Revealing mistake: When Captain America is fighting Ultron in the truck, for a brief moment you can see a safety line holding actor Chris Evans as he's hanging on the side of the cab of the truck.

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Continuity mistake: When the city takes off it is surrounded by land. However while it is flying it is suddenly over a large body of water, but when it crashes back to the ground it is over land again.

David R. Akens
Avengers: Age of Ultron mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the party, Natasha has just walked away after flirting with Banner. On the bar behind him are a glass of red cocktail next to a silver cocktail shaker. In all subsequent shots while Captain America is talking to Banner, the two have moved much closer together. (00:27:00)


Continuity mistake: During the big chase on the streets of Seoul, Capt. America's shield starts out with a few scratches and smudges on it. Towards the end, these disappear.


Continuity mistake: When Scarlet Witch enters the fight, after Hawkeye's pep talk, there's a payphone booth to her right, several feet away. In shots of her fighting, the double doors are seen behind her. When Hawkeye nods at her, in the next shot of her, she is standing with the phone booth behind her. And then she's not near the phone booth when Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch start to leave.


Factual error: After the Scarlet Witch forces Banner to become Hulk, he goes berserk in Johannesburg, South Africa. A few minutes earlier they were near the ocean at a ship scrap yard. Johannesburg is many kilometers away from any ocean.

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Suggested correction: Johannesburg, South Africa is just 1400 kilometers away from the southern most tip and 600 kilometers away from the nearest major harbor in Durban so we can assume Hulk is anywhere between 600 and 1400 kilometers away. The Hulk is able to jump great distances, depending on his rage. We've seen him jump to the tops of buildings in Avengers, and we've seen him jump onto the shoulder of a 1000 foot fire demon in Thor: Ragnarok. So anywhere between 6 and 14 jumps Hulk would be there in no time.

1000 feet is nowhere near 1000 kilometers. Your correction is somewhat valid - Hulk can jump great distances, but a 1000-km jump would be hundreds of times further than anything we've ever seen him jump before. It should still take him quite a bit of time to get to Johannesburg.

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