My So-Called Life

My So-Called Life (1994)

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Brian: It's like you have created your own prison and now you have to exist in it.

First Bathroom Girl: Wait, so what's fat-free?
Second Bathroom Girl: When something's, like, free. Of fat.
Third Bathroom Girl: Well, what's the difference between fat-free, and like, nonfat?

Angela: You will not believe the number Sharon Cherski just pulled on me.
Enrique (Rickie) Vasquez: Uh, like what?
Angela: Like how Rayanne supposedly did it with Jordan And how Brian Krakow supposedly has proof of it, like on video. I mean, I honestly believed she was past all this. Like, she was over her jealousy of Rayanne. But I guess she isn't, or else why would she say something like that to me?
Enrique (Rickie) Vasquez: Because it's true.

Jordan: Shh. The fact that we come here, let's keep, like uh, our secret.
Angela: Why?
Jordan: No reason.

Angela: If only there were a button somewhere that I could push. To force me to stop talking.

Brian: That girl whose, like, number you got for me. She's a junior, so I don't know if you still think I should call her. I mean, I can't stop thinking about how you did that. You just got up and went over there. I mean, like, how did you do that?
Jordan: Maybe we better get down to work. You can even start with the basics.
Brian: Oh, okay.
Jordan: I mean, even if it seems too basic, start with that. And then after, if you want, I can teach you how to get someone's phone number.

Angela: My parents keep asking how school was. It's like saying, "How was that drive-by shooting?" You don't care how it was, you're lucky to get out alive.

Angela: This life has been a test. If this had been an actual life, you would have received instructions on where to go and what to do.

Angela: It had become the focus of everything. It was all I could feel, all I could think about. It blotted out of the rest of my face, the rest of my life. Like the zit had become... the truth about me.

Angela: Huge events take place on this earth every day. Earthquakes, hurricanes - even glaciers move. So why couldn't he just look at me?

Angela: I was just thinking. Could you maybe have dyslexia?
Jordan: What, that backwards thing?
Angela: Lots of people have it. My father's brother has it. It makes reading incredibly difficult because it, like.
Jordan: Let's not talk about this.
Angela: Reverses things. I'm sorry. It's actually not, I mean, a lot of really intelligent people are dyslexic. Just because a person can't read.
Jordan: Hey. I can read, okay? Just not that good.

Jordan: Why are you like this?
Angela: Like what?
Jordan: Like how you are.

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