My So-Called Life

My So-Called Life (1994)

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Angela: It had become the focus of everything. It was all I could feel, all I could think about. It blotted out of the rest of my face, the rest of my life. Like the zit had become... the truth about me.

Angela: Huge events take place on this earth every day. Earthquakes, hurricanes - even glaciers move. So why couldn't he just look at me?

Angela: I was just thinking. Could you maybe have dyslexia?
Jordan: What, that backwards thing?
Angela: Lots of people have it. My father's brother has it. It makes reading incredibly difficult because it, like.
Jordan: Let's not talk about this.
Angela: Reverses things. I'm sorry. It's actually not, I mean, a lot of really intelligent people are dyslexic. Just because a person can't read.
Jordan: Hey. I can read, okay? Just not that good.

Jordan: Why are you like this?
Angela: Like what?
Jordan: Like how you are.

Angela: Walking into someone else's house for the first time is like entering another country. Not that I've ever been to another country.

Jordan: This is wrong.
Angela: What?
Jordan: You doing my homework. It's wrong.
Angela: Well, I was just trying to help.
Jordan: It's like I'm taking advantage of you, or something.
Angela: You're not taking advantage of me.
Jordan: Yeah, I am. It would be different if we were like... but now, you're just a friend or whatever. I can't do this anymore.

Rayanne Graff: "Potential slut." Now where do people get an idea like that about me?
Enrique (Rickie) Vasquez: Research.

Jordan: Oh.
Graham: Oh, back at you.
Jordan: Is Angela here?
Graham: Are you Jordan?
Jordan: Yeah. Are you her dad?
Graham: Yeah. So you guys are going to a party?
Jordan: Is that what Angela said?
Graham: You mean you're not?
Jordan: No, we are.
Brad: So, do you have a major?
Jordan: I don't think so.
Hallie Lowenthal: Oh, you'd probably know if you did.
Jordan: Yeah. I probably would have gotten, like, a letter or something.

Brian: Here, do you want to... borrow my sweater?
Angela: Thanks.
Brian: Just don't sweat into it or anything.
Angela: Why do you always have to say stuff like that?

Angela: When someone compliments your parents, there's like nothing to say. It's like a stun gun to your brain.

Angela: They weren't the kind of kisses you could actually evaluate. They were more like... introductory kisses.

Enrique (Rickie) Vasquez: Mrs. Chase, I really appreciate what you did tonight.
Patty: It's okay.
Enrique (Rickie) Vasquez: Has there ever been someone.
Patty: What?
Enrique (Rickie) Vasquez: Did you ever try to protect someone so much that it hurt?
Patty: That wasn't your beer the other day, was it?

Jordan: I can't even face rehearsal tonight. There's gonna be like, this big empty hole where Tino used to be.
Angela: I'm really sorry. I mean, I'm sure it's all gonna work out. You'll find someone, somehow.
Jordan: Yeah right.
Angela: So listen, this is probably a really stupid idea but would Frozen Embryos ever want, like, a girl? I mean to sing. Like, I don't know, Rayanne Graff or something.
Jordan: Rayanne? Graff.
Angela: Right. Yeah, I know. Forget it. I'll see ya.

Sharon Cherski: Okay, so what's the deal with Angela and Jordan Catalano?
Rayanne: Here's an idea... ask her.
Sharon Cherski: I can't. She'll think I'm checking up on her. So are they, like, a couple?
Rayanne: From the point of view of what I believe or what she believes?
Sharon Cherski: From the point of view of reality.
Rayanne: What do you think?
Sharon Cherski: I'd have to say, I think she could really get hurt.
Rayanne: Tell me something I don't know.

Angela: Hatred can become like food, it gives you this energy that you can like, live off.

Angela: I'm totally over Jordon Catalano.

Rayanne: You wanna have sex with him.
Angela: Who?
Rayanne: Who. Jordan. Catalano. Come on, I'm not gonna tell anyone, just admit it.
Angela: I just like how he's always leaning. Against stuff. He leans great. Well, either sex or a conversation. Ideally both.

Graham: Prison's not that bad and, and I'll wait for you.

Jordan: If that's a guy named Tino, I'm not here.

Angela: The worst feeling is suddenly realizing that you don't measure up. And that, in the past, when you thought you did, you were a fool.

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