My So-Called Life
Movie Quote Quiz

Angela: Hatred can become like food, it gives you this energy that you can like, live off.

Angela: I'm totally over Jordon Catalano.

Rayanne: You wanna have sex with him.
Angela: Who?
Rayanne: Who. Jordan. Catalano. Come on, I'm not gonna tell anyone, just admit it.
Angela: I just like how he's always leaning. Against stuff. He leans great. Well, either sex or a conversation. Ideally both.

Graham: Prison's not that bad and, and I'll wait for you.

Jordan: If that's a guy named Tino, I'm not here.

Angela: The worst feeling is suddenly realizing that you don't measure up. And that, in the past, when you thought you did, you were a fool.

Angela: There's this dividing line between girls who have had sex, and girls who haven't. And all of a sudden you realise you're looking at each other across it.

Angela: You know, you are sick and demented. You skew everything in terms of sex.
Brian: Not everything.

Jordan: Hey Graff. The Vertigo guy called. Our audition is tonight.
Rayanne: What?
Jordan: Yeah, so try to think of a name.
Rayanne: Forget a name! We're not ready.
Jordan: We'll do okay. Just wear something tight.
Rayanne: That's your solution? Cut off my circulation? We need a real rehearsal.
Jordan: Look, you wanted this chance. You got it. Don't blow it.

Angela: I read what you wrote. I would hardly believe how beautiful it was.
Jordan: Look... I'm not. I don't want to pretend like.
Angela: I don't want to pretend, either.
Jordan: I'm glad you liked it, but.
Angela: I didn't like it. I loved it. I loved it.
Jordan: I have all these dreams where I know exactly what to say. And you tell me, you know, that you forgive me.

Brian: It's like you have created your own prison and now you have to exist in it.

First Bathroom Girl: Wait, so what's fat-free?
Second Bathroom Girl: When something's, like, free. Of fat.
Third Bathroom Girl: Well, what's the difference between fat-free, and like, nonfat?

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