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The Americans (2013)

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Arpanet - S2-E7

Factual error: Philip is reading an advertisement for the 1982 Camaro and tells Henry about the car. He claims the Camaro has the following specs: "386 horsepower, 4 on the floor, direct overhead cams." The 1982 Camaro had nowhere near 386HP. Obviously he is talking about the Z28 with the V8 engine. The Z28 came in two V8 engine configurations in 1982, with a carburettor or with cross-fire fuel injection. The carburettor version had 145hp and the cross-fire fuel injection version had 165HP. Next he states there is a "4 on the floor." This would refer to the number of gears the transmission had. Philip buys an automatic transmission Camaro in early 1982 (it was winter and snowing). The early year Camaros that year came with 3-speed automatic transmissions. The 4-speed automatic transmissions didn't come out until around spring/summer that year. Also, the 4-speed manual was not available in the 165HP Z28, but was with the 145hp model. Philip got the 165HP version. Finally, "Direct overhead cams." Cams refers to the camshaft. As for the camshaft installed in Camaros in the 80's, it was not overhead, it was not direct contact with the valves, and it was not plural "cams", but instead, one singular camshaft, installed below the cylinder heads, using pushrods to made contact with the valves.

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