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Season 2 generally

Sloan Sabbith: Here's the thing: Lockheed is a good buy right now because they make the Hellfire missile that's shot out of a Predator drone, but I'm advising my viewers not to buy the stock.
Don Keefer: You just said it's a good buy.
Sloan Sabbith: It's a great buy if you like money.
Don Keefer: But you think it's an immoral stock.
Sloan Sabbith: You get me.
Don Keefer: And Zane doesn't want you to go on the air and say that.
Sloan Sabbith: That's close.
Don Keefer: You already went on the air and said it and now Zane's pissed.
Sloan Sabbith: That's exactly it, yeah.


Season 2 generally

Mackenzie McHale: How was your weekend?
Sloan Sabbith: It was good, and then I saw Titanic for the first time.
Mackenzie McHale: You've never seen it before?
Sloan Sabbith: You know how I am about sad movies, and the title suggested it wasn't gonna end well. But I still didn't see it coming. Mac, what is more important than the people you... [Glances over to stocks.] Kodak is dropping like a sack of flour. I'll never let go, Kodak. I'll never let go.


First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers - S2-E1

Rebecca Halliday: Fourteen months ago, you went on the air and called the Tea Party "the American Taliban."
Will McAvoy: I did.
Rebecca Halliday: And?
Will McAvoy: The Taliban resented it.

Cubs Fan

Election Night: Part I - S2-E8

Will McAvoy: But on the bright side...
Charlie Skinner: There is no bright side, Father Flanagan, don't finish that sentence!
Will McAvoy: Wasn't gonna be able to anyway.


The Genoa Tip - S2-E2

Will McAvoy: [Old footage of the 9/11 report.] I've been searching for Biblical quotes. None of them... We don't know how many are dead. It's gonna be a lot. It's gonna be thousands. We don't know who attacked us, we don't know what's coming tomorrow, and I don't know what I'm doing. But I make you this promise: I'm gonna be with you all night. I'm not going anywhere. I'll be right here.


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