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The Newsroom (2012)

4 quotes from season 1

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The Blackout, Part 1: Tragedy Porn - S1-E8

Don Keefer: Now they're not talking about the tattoo on Casey's back, but they put it full-screen, why? Because Tess was about to look somewhere else, so they changed the frame to anything that might keep her attention.
Tess: He's right, I was gonna Google Mac's hell question.
Don Keefer: Plus, tattoo equals bad mom. No one has ever gone broke in America serving up a woman who makes other women feel superior.

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I'll Try to Fix You - S1-E4

Will McAvoy: You set me up with a crazy woman who can shoot me. Fatal attraction with a concealed carry permit.

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News Night 2.0 - S1-E2

Jim Harper: Did we go to Afghanistan because you cheated on Will?
Mackenzie McHale: Can I get a little privacy?
Jim Harper: Not until you learn how to send an email.
Mackenzie McHale: You got invaluable experience.
Jim Harper: I got shot in the ass.
Mackenzie McHale: Well be grateful you weren't facing the other direction.

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We Just Decided To - S1-E1

Will McAvoy: We used to wage war on poverty, not poor people.

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The General wants to do his interview by the TV so he can watch March Madness at the same time. When the interview is about to begin, it shows a Kentucky game being played on Kentucky's home court. Teams cannot play on their own court during the NCAA Tournament.



When Sloan tries to apologize to Don for her actions on the air, he interrupts her and tells her to wait for ten seconds. Exactly ten seconds pass between him interrupting her and the time that Charlie Skinner begins yelling at her.