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Season 2 generally

Sloan Sabbith: Here's the thing: Lockheed is a good buy right now because they make the Hellfire missile that's shot out of a Predator drone, but I'm advising my viewers not to buy the stock.
Don Keefer: You just said it's a good buy.
Sloan Sabbith: It's a great buy if you like money.
Don Keefer: But you think it's an immoral stock.
Sloan Sabbith: You get me.
Don Keefer: And Zane doesn't want you to go on the air and say that.
Sloan Sabbith: That's close.
Don Keefer: You already went on the air and said it and now Zane's pissed.
Sloan Sabbith: That's exactly it, yeah.


Season 2 generally

Mackenzie McHale: How was your weekend?
Sloan Sabbith: It was good, and then I saw Titanic for the first time.
Mackenzie McHale: You've never seen it before?
Sloan Sabbith: You know how I am about sad movies, and the title suggested it wasn't gonna end well. But I still didn't see it coming. Mac, what is more important than the people you... [Glances over to stocks.] Kodak is dropping like a sack of flour. I'll never let go, Kodak. I'll never let go.


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The General wants to do his interview by the TV so he can watch March Madness at the same time. When the interview is about to begin, it shows a Kentucky game being played on Kentucky's home court. Teams cannot play on their own court during the NCAA Tournament.



When Sloan tries to apologize to Don for her actions on the air, he interrupts her and tells her to wait for ten seconds. Exactly ten seconds pass between him interrupting her and the time that Charlie Skinner begins yelling at her.