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Factual error: Most of what Will says about the Challenger's O-rings is wrong. First of all, he says they are meant to keep hydrogen from leaking out of the SRB. SRB stands for Solid Rocket Booster, meaning they use solid fuel, not hydrogen. The hydrogen was in the external fuel tank. Second, the O-rings were tested for cold, and NASA engineers recommended against launching that day, with one of them even refusing to sign off on the paperwork if the launch was to go forward. NASA overruled them and went ahead with the launch anyway, with all the disastrous consequences that ensued.


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Run - S3-E2

Trivia: When Neil is being interviewed by Rebecca Halliday he mentions a fictional country named Equatorial Kundu. This is the same fictional country mentioned in several different episodes of The West Wing, also by Aaron Sorkin.

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