Regina Hall

Quotes from Regina Hall movies and TV shows

Bernie: Yo, you are sick. You're gone, Joan. If you didn't have a pussy, there would be a bounty out on your head.
Joan: You are a psychopathic social misfit who's in the middle of a deep homosexual panic.
Bernie: Oh, if I'm gay, it's only because after fucking you for three months, that seemed like the next logical step to take! I would rather chase another man's ass than fuck you again, Joan.

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April Williams: ...and now you're.
Little Jordan Sanders: Little.

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Brenda Meeks: There's something I need to tell you. I saw a tape. I think you should know about it. It had these really shocking images, Cindy.
Cindy: Brenda, it was Mardi Gras, I never drank vodka before, and I was out of beads!
Brenda Meeks: No, not that tape, Cindy.

Cindy: I'm looking for something more than just good sex.
Brenda Meeks: I know. You want commitment.
Cindy: No, I want great sex.

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