Scary Movie

Trivia: If you have the DVD version, then continue watching after the credits start rolling. You will see a little add on of Doofy "Getting off" with the vacuum cleaner.

Trivia: In the beginning of the movie, the girl is hit by a car which turns out to be driven by her father who seems quite busy. In the deleted scenes of the movie, the car that hits Cindy in the very end turns out to be driven by the same man, in the same way.

Trivia: In order to spoof Scream, the creators of Scary Movie asked Easter Unlimited Inc. (the company that makes the "Ghostface" masks) to make them three masks that have a slightly different design than the Scream version. The only time we see the Scream mask in this film is when Cindy continues to receive mysterious notes on her desk, and sees the killer just outside of her classroom window.

Trivia: For all of you who have a DVD, zoom in on the scene at the beginning. You may have a surprise reading the warning...

Trivia: The run-over-by-car scenes in the first movie's beginning and the second movie's end are borrowings from the movie version of Stephen King's "Thinner", in which the victimized lawyer was similarly distracted.

Trivia: When they go to the movies, at the previews screen, when it says IMMATURE, you see underneath it some words, the words say: "If you can read this you are too close: pee pee poopy boogers farts butthole, we thought this would be funny to put this in here, Kiss our a**es and take it off pause".

Trivia: In the locker room scene, when the killer is attacking the cheerleader, look behind, near the stairs. The name of the school is written there. It's B.A. Corpse. Be a corpse.

Trivia: Director Keenan Ivory Wayans appears as the slave in the "Amastad II" preview at the movie theater.

Trivia: The police office where Cindy is interrogated has a plaque outside which says "Estd. 2017"

Trivia: In the scene where Cindy and Ray are talking in the cafeteria, there is a small sign right behind them that says in small letters "Same Old Shit".

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Continuity mistake: Near the beginning Buffy tears off her dress and throws it on the ground. When they walk away there's no sign of it. (00:09:20)

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Shorty: I'm on TV! Oh shit! First Cops, now this! I'm gonna be a star, son!

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Question: How come at the end of the movie when Cindy realizes that Doofy is the killer and she drops the coffee cup on the ground there is a fish there? I know it's a joke but I don't get it.

Matthew Gem Premium member

Chosen answer: I know for sure they were making fun of the movie 'Usual Suspects' (dropping the cup) - they might have added the gag of the fish in it to appear as though she was shocked by the fish instead of the true identity of Doofy.

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