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9.8/10.Flat out one of the funnier satire movies I've ever seen.Anna Faris does wonderful here.She just seems like this bundle of energy who makes it all work.Everybody from Regina Hall to the Wayan brothers to even Carmen Electra in her cameo are funny as all get out. I found this on equal footing with Student Bodies which was the first movie to satirize horror long before the overrated Scream franchise came along.Anna Faris as Cindy Campbell is a pure comedic genius.This comedy gold.Watch it and hopefully you'll enjoy it. I did.I would say this belongs on a list of 100 Comedies You Should See Before You Die.


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Continuity mistake: Near the beginning Buffy tears off her dress and throws it on the ground. When they walk away there's no sign of it. (00:09:20)

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Shorty: I'm on TV! Oh shit! First Cops, now this! I'm gonna be a star, son!

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Question: When Greg is showing the gang the photo of his "teeny weeny" he says "they turned the hot water off in the showers". what did he mean by that?

Answer: When cold water reaches certain parts of the body, you tend to get some "shrinkage", hence the teeny weeny.

Jason Diehl

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