Scary Movie
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Doofy: Mom said that when I wear this badge you're supposed to treat me like a man of the law.
Buffy: Well, mom also said for you to stop sticking your dick in the vacuum cleaner.

Shorty: I'm on TV! Oh shit! First Cops, now this! I'm gonna be a star, son!

Ms. Man: Come in, dear. Have a seat. Take off your bra if you like.

Buffy: I'm more of a people person. I'd rather help my fellow man than some animal.
Homeless Man: Spare a dollar?
Buffy: Ew! Get away from me you bum!
Cindy: Buffy!? Can't you see that he's just hungry? Here you go, sir. A nice sandwich.
Homeless Man: I said a dollar, bitch!

Revealing mistake: During the scene when Cindy and the killer are fighting Matrix-style, Cindy kicks the killer, and he knocks down the book case so it falls over him. There is a vase with flowers on the book case - when it falls down the vase still remains on the book case, glued to it. (01:11:30)

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Trivia: The title Scary Movie was the working title of Scream, the film that this film spoofs.

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