Most thriller movie audio problems of 1997

1Face/Off pictureFace/Off (1997)3
2Scream 2 pictureScream 2 (1997)3
3Alien Resurrection pictureAlien Resurrection (1997)3
4The Fifth Element pictureThe Fifth Element (1997)2
5The Game pictureThe Game (1997)2
6La Confidential pictureLa Confidential (1997)2
7The Lost World: Jurassic Park pictureThe Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)2
8Speed 2: Cruise Control pictureSpeed 2: Cruise Control (1997)2
9Air Force One pictureAir Force One (1997)2
10The Relic pictureThe Relic (1997)2
11Con Air pictureCon Air (1997)1
12Donnie Brasco pictureDonnie Brasco (1997)1
13Starship Troopers pictureStarship Troopers (1997)1
14Tomorrow Never Dies pictureTomorrow Never Dies (1997)1
15The Rainmaker pictureThe Rainmaker (1997)1
16Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie pictureTurbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997)1
17Anaconda pictureAnaconda (1997)1
18Future War pictureFuture War (1997)1
19Batman and Robin pictureBatman and Robin (1997)1

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