Most crime movie mistakes of 1994

1Pulp Fiction picturePulp Fiction (1994)82
2The Shawshank Redemption pictureThe Shawshank Redemption (1994)42
3The Chase pictureThe Chase (1994)39
4The Mask pictureThe Mask (1994)32
5The Crow pictureThe Crow (1994)28
6A Low Down Dirty Shame pictureA Low Down Dirty Shame (1994)24
7Leon pictureLeon (1994)17
8Beverly Hills Cop III pictureBeverly Hills Cop III (1994)17
9The Flintstones pictureThe Flintstones (1994)17
10Getting Even With Dad pictureGetting Even With Dad (1994)13
11Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult pictureNaked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994)13
12Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow picturePolice Academy 7: Mission to Moscow (1994)10
13Airheads pictureAirheads (1994)7
14Natural Born Killers pictureNatural Born Killers (1994)6
15Heavenly Creatures pictureHeavenly Creatures (1994)6
16Serial Mom pictureSerial Mom (1994)6
17Jason's Lyric pictureJason's Lyric (1994)5
18The Ref pictureThe Ref (1994)5
19Blankman pictureBlankman (1994)5
20Surviving the Game pictureSurviving the Game (1994)3
21Shallow Grave pictureShallow Grave (1994)3
22The Getaway pictureThe Getaway (1994)2
23Above the Rim pictureAbove the Rim (1994)2
24The Last Seduction pictureThe Last Seduction (1994)2
25Trapped in Paradise pictureTrapped in Paradise (1994)1
26Car 54, Where Are You? pictureCar 54, Where Are You? (1994)1

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