The Ref

The Ref (1994)

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Continuity mistake: When Lloyd's mother is tied to the chair, the red ribbon changes between shots. When viewed from the front, there are three wraps closely spaced near her shoulders. When seen in the close-up from behind, only one wrap is visible but there is a big space below it where the next wrap should have been.

Continuity mistake: When Gus, Lloyd and Caroline are getting ready for Lloyd's family to arrive for Christmas, he puts on one of Lloyd's suits to pretend to be their marriage counselor. Gus says "tell me about this doctor" and straightens his tie, which is solid black. Next time you see Gus the tie has changed to a green and black striped tie, and stays like that for the rest of the movie. (00:53:35)


Continuity mistake: Right after the dog eats the cue ball that Gus throws at it the camera cuts back to a stunned Gus, when it cuts back to the dog there is no sign at all he ate the pool ball. Not a crumb, his tongue, jowls and mouth are spotless.


Continuity mistake: When Gus is in the bathroom, listening the the family argue, he goes to turn on the sink faucet. He uses both hands. Then when Gus looks in the mirror he has a cigarette in his mouth. And he wasn't holding one prior to turning on the faucet. (00:45:55)


Continuity mistake: When everyone is eating dinner and just before Gus starts ordering the presents to be opened, there is an unlit candle on Caroline's head. That candle is smoking, then not, then smoking again.

Mark J. Pogan

Gus: I have a gun. It's loaded. Shut up.

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