Most drama movie questions of 1992

1Reservoir Dogs pictureReservoir Dogs (1992)18
2A Few Good Men pictureA Few Good Men (1992)6
3The Bodyguard pictureThe Bodyguard (1992)4
4Lorenzo's Oil pictureLorenzo's Oil (1992)4
5Radio Flyer pictureRadio Flyer (1992)3
6The Hand that Rocks the Cradle pictureThe Hand that Rocks the Cradle (1992)3
7Forever Young pictureForever Young (1992)2
8Under Siege pictureUnder Siege (1992)2
9Newsies pictureNewsies (1992)2
10Single White Female pictureSingle White Female (1992)1
11Malcolm X pictureMalcolm X (1992)1
12American Me pictureAmerican Me (1992)1
13Dracula pictureDracula (1992)1
14The Cutting Edge pictureThe Cutting Edge (1992)1
15Unforgiven pictureUnforgiven (1992)1
16Candyman pictureCandyman (1992)1



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