Question: How Did Leslie escape from the Sea Swine pit?


Question: What's with the hole in the wall that Leland and his men made at the Manhattan? Is he building something there?


Question: Why does General Leland use the gun to shoot a fly instead of a flyswatter? Why was he shooting at a guard?


Answer: In universe, it's likely because he's drunk and reckless, as you see him continuing to drink while doing it. Out of universe, it's a reference to the Confucius quote "Don't use a cannon to kill a mosquito."


Question: Why does Leland refuse to help Leslie from the Sea Swine down the pit?


Answer: Because he cares more about proving the Sea Swine works than he does about his nephew.


Researcher: Is this room getting smaller or am I bloating?
Asian Researcher: What.
Leslie Zevo: Oh look, we're being attacked by a crossword puzzle.

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